Traffic Management Plans

October 23, 2015

Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) are increasingly common on projects from several days to several months and beyond. Road Owners insist that traffic impacts are planned well in advance to ensure minimal disruption to traffic and the surrounding area, and it is not uncommon for Councils to require a comprehensive TMP for a single day’s work!

Major events are another area where TMPs are becoming more and more important. Many event organisers will benefit in the long run from having comprehensive Traffic Management Plans that show the Road Owner clearly how they plan to minimise disruption to local traffic flows and ensure traffic is managed safely. TrafficPOWER has produced Traffic Management Plans for many events throughout the country and has significant experience with marathons, triathlons and similar sporting events.

In the past, commissioning Traffic Management Plans has been a costly exercise, often costing several thousand dollars even for a simple document. We understand that smaller projects or events find it difficult to justify these costs. TrafficPOWER is proud to offer a highly competitive pricing structure to allow the creation of simple, concise TMPs which match the scale of your project.

TrafficPOWER also excels in creating large-scale, living TMPs to support ongoing major projects. As with smaller projects, we have a pricing structure to ensure you aren’t just paying for the title of “Traffic Management Plan,” but are receiving the best quality, expertise and planning that you require to ensure your project runs smoothly from outset to completion.

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